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My name is Dahn Elle Dior Ballard,
Get to know Dahn Ballard of The Yummy Factor by Dior

I am a wife and mom along with being a busy Actress/Writer/ Life Coach.   Even though it is fast paced and full I am very excited about my multi-hyphenate life.  Through my  Coaching practice, I passionately spread my message of a ‘Balanced Mom Life” and how it is indeed possible. 

I truly believe that the time spent raising our children is so precious, not just to their lives but ours as well. We basically spend our “youth” raising our babies. If we don’t find a way to create balance, they will be off to college and we will be sitting there 18 years older wondering “what just happened?”

I am an avid believer in the concept that a joy-filled life is lived from the inside out.  My desire is to work with clients to restore a sense of peace, order, and purpose.

I am married to the awesome actor Alimi Ballard and we have two beautiful children.  I have found the task of being a working mom to be both challenging and the most amazing thing I have done.  I am excited to share what I have learned and continue to discover.  Motherhood is truly is the toughest job I have ever loved.



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