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Today is my 13th wedding anniversary! What? Crazy Man Crazy:)

I feel emotional and thankful. My married life has exceeded my expectations …and I was expecting a lot.

I was journaling this morning about what I love most about our union and what makes it yummy to me. I hope you don’t mind if I share.

I have found that patience, kindness and humor have been the greatest gifts, to give and to get from my partner.

Patience is a true virtue it has you tread softly and not carry that big stick at all…It makes you stop when you want to charge ahead into accusations or anger or pointing fingers. I heart patience!

Kindness…ahhh this word never ceases to make me melt and make my heart ease. Kindness is EVERYTHING!!! When you are most kind to the person who lies next to you that is the true test. After all they are the ones that leave the toilet seat up. The ones who forget to grab the milk from the market again…they are the ones who can annoy you the most just by the close proximity. But kindness oh KINDNESS!!! Bring all you got and then some.

Humor!! Seriously someone to laugh with. Life is already full to overflowing with challenges and sadness and heartrending moments. What life doesn’t need a chuckle every now and again? I love to laugh!!! It eases my forehead and opens my heart it makes me want to get up and do more feel more be more.

I am humbly grateful to my husband Ali for being all of those things to me he is truly the most kind, most patient, funniest guy I know. And that I get to call him mine… it levels me.

I am in awe of this thing …

Our love


Happy Anniversary Ali

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