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It’s been back the frick to school for a couple weeks now. And well I’ve not been one of the chipper ones. Sure it’s somewhere for the little gremlins to go (they eat twice their body weight now) but I’m the one who has to get them there. So I’ve been gripping and complaining to anyone with an ear to hear. Now isn’t it horrible of me to spike the kool-aid and then try to serve it over ice?


Well, imagine my surprise when I kinda… in a weird way started liking

what was happening? Huh?! I peered over the rim of my kool aid and noticed I was feeling a little rush of anticipation for the early morning. WTH!

Yep the getting up a little earlier getting my work out done making a plan for dinner instead of winging it or ordering in every night. Making sure the kiddies brushed their teeth (twice) and really wash their faces (don’t ask). Hey, it was summer. I started to notice that I was more focused more on my game more creative and hungry to “get er done”. Well, I stopped grinding my teeth and I realized that I actually needed this in my life. I needed the big stop signs that let me know that life is in session and I better sit up and pay attention. That’s the great part about having kids. You watch them grow right before your eyes and well that means you are growing too. Right? Well, I chucked my kool-aid and decided I should be growing and not just sideways…wink wink.

In fact, I got so drunk on this new realization that I made a list. Hope you don’t mind if I share. It’s a list to get us all back in session and thinking hey this ain’t so bad. You might even feel a little love coming on.

Ok, this first one might sting a little but then it’s yummy all the way down!

#1 Use, this time, to make a quick rundown of your New Years resolutions (blank stare) Yes the ones you made back in January. Yep 8 whole months ago. How’s that going? Well now is a great time to dust them off and begin again. Hey, you have 4 whole months to be a winner (exercise, eat right, find a new job, travel to a far-flung exciting place that you might even want to move to and open up a shop and sell goat cheese) 4 whole months to make sure those items don’t show up on your list again next year. #LetsGooo

#2- Buy some new underwear. I know totally random right? Well, I pick a couple of times a year to throw out everything old and start fresh. Come on you’re already shopping for them so you might as well pick you up some fresh new tidy whities. Oh, and one or two of them should be crazy fancy like silk or lace or go straight buck wild and go crotchless. Yep, I said it! Boom!

#3- Learn something new Mama! Nope If you’re reading this it’s not too late to teach you a new trick. Your kids are off learning new stuff what about you? It can be pole dancing, writing poetry, or learning conversational mandarin. “Everything looks impossible until it’s done.” Hey, Mandella!! Personally, I could never learn Mandarin in a billion years, but don’t let my ignorance stop you. You can go one night a week or an hour during the weekend or on your lunch break. Classes are everywhere pick up any free circular and you will see the crazy lists of things people are just dying to teach ya.

#4- Get TA cooking People!! … Something NEW that is. Grab a new cookbook or try a new cooking website, or check one of those meals in a box delivery services to try something new. Whatever you do don’t go back to Taco Tuesday. That’s so last year I mean 2 months ago. There’s so much yummy food out there. I’m centering my new dinner items around going meatless a couple of times a week. Yeah, the kids are jumping for joy. HA! Pinterest is a great way to start. Just type in not boring pasta and see what gourmet meals pop up it will blow your wig back.


#5- Get your social on. Everybody’s back in town yippee!! You’ve been hanging out incessantly with your family and though they are so “fluffy you could die”. It might be time to see some new faces. Return a call, reach out to someone you haven’t see in a minute or finally make eye contact with the person you keep running into at the grocery store. Hi, new friend! Get their digits and then find somewhere to gossip your head off and drink margaritas. Oh and please make sure this includes romance. I’ve set up date nights from here to Thanksgiving already. Honey, you’re welcome!

So that’s my fist bump to back to school. I might wake up every now and again will a slight scowl but then I put on my fancy new undies while eating co que vin (vegetarian style) and catching up on the latest gossip with my new bestie from the cheese shop and well I’ve just turned that frown upside down…


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