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Before Schools out Mom...#DoThis

It's almost here Mom a long summer filled with all things kids... but what about you and what you want? I've got 5 tips to have you going into your summer with some "Me Time" already in the mix.

#5 Right now... write down the date that the kids go back to school. Yep it's hard to look at, but do it right now. For me it's August 14th Yikes!! Now count how many weeks you really have from the start of break to back to school so that there are no surprises. For me it's 9 weeks that's 2 months and a week. All right great now we know what we're really working with.

#4 Write down 3 ways that you want to feel by the time the kids go back to school.

For me it's


- Feeling like I've seen something new


#3 Write down 3 ways you can make sure that happens for you.

For example for me - Rested - I can sleep in. I can take afternoon naps. I can make sure I have activities for the kids so that I can sleep in and take afternoon naps ... hee hee:). Also I can plan a night or two away from the kids. A mini staycation local or really get away. If you start now you have time to get it all together!

For "Feeling like I've seen something new" I can make a list of places maybe even local that I want to explore. I love picking up the local free city papers and seeing what is happening in town. I love to hear music and attend live events I can start now looking up what's going to be happening and buying tickets or making reservations.

"Rejuvenation" for me means travel and reading and doing new things. I will look up places that I want to explore, download reading lists and see what new things I can get into. Maybe a group pottery class for the kids to join me or a guided tour of one of my favorite museums instead of just wandering around. Definitely and absolutely travel travel travel. Whatever it is make a plan make a plan. Yipee!!

#2 Write down 2 things you want to accomplish that is growth related. Yes everyone puts so much focus on getting in shape for the summer but hey we have more time in the summer, so it can be a great time to start a workout routine that sticks. Same with making healthy choices for food and creating habits and routines that really make a difference in your life. Maybe you've always wanted to have a meditation practice well summer is a great place to start and stick to something that will be awesome for your growth.

#1 Lastly if you don't do anything else on this list make sure you add Joy, Bliss and Romance!

Yep, schedule in some joy, bliss and romance. Starting with the romance, which is a word I use very often.

Romance to me means showing and sharing love with both whimsy, and thought with no duty attached to it at all.

So yes a picnic in a sunny spot with wild flowers and various yummy delights in a bucket or a basket or a book bag is a yes yes yessss. Main thing is that it uses your imagination and it is something that you both would like to do. Now a note on this: If your partner likes, ie loves let's say baseball and you don't. How do you make that romantic? Maybe you plan "baseball and brunch" for an afternoon game this summer. No kids just the two of you. You buy the tickets ahead of time and make reservations for before the game starts. I'm sure your guy would love to be surprised with the baseball tickets and you get awesome food so win win and that's very romantic. Plan at least 2 things over the summer that you want to do for this. Now I wanna be reckless and say 5 things, but it might be asking too too much so at least 2 things that will feel romantic to you and your partner. If there is no partner then something unabashedly romantic ie. thoughtful and whimsical for you solo or you and a friend is a must.

Of course joy and bliss are somewhat interchangeable so use whichever word gets your creative juices flowing. Do something that evokes that feeling... it could be reading an amazing book or taking a cooking class or having a girls night in binge watching movies. No matter what it should leave you feeling giggly and flushed.

That my friend is definitely some joy and some bliss.

In closing I'm leading a free online workshop to help you get these tips on your schedule.

Reach out and let me know if you wanna join me at

I'll give you the dates and save you a place, I can't wait to share.



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