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Daddy Shout Out!

When they were babies he used to fuss at me for not locking the windows! like the doors were locked just sometimes not the windows. One day after finding one open again in exasperation he declares... “If something happens to my babies I’m gonna assume you were in cahoots with the kidnappers!! WTW!!!

That’s the Baby Daddy I got!! Fiercely protective always there with a warm hug a word of instruction a listening ear. He wants to know which super hero you’re rooting for and why. He’s always finding a way to get home to them. And when he can’t he’s FaceTiming homework and Bed times even if he is away. What a tremendous Man and Father he is  I couldn’t have this parenting adventure with anyone more magical. We love you Babe  @alimiballard To all the Father’s out there who make it happen for our Babies everyday We salut you! #HappyFathersDay

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