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So I’m looking over my pictures from “the summer”. Mind you as I write air conditioning is still non negotiable, short dresses are still my besties and sweaters are only for the cinema. Not sure what you call this moment in time. This steamy August day, but this post is not long enough for my lament plus I’m sure your own wailings would most surely drown out mine .

But as I looked, I realized that I hadn’t taken as many pictures as I usually do. What!? How could this be? Me the queen of picture taking. My hailing of “lean in smile” intruding on many a moment.


I put down the phone as I get distracted by my grim new reality. Dinner on time and bath on time and bed on time…so that we can all get up on time and go to school on time. Ugh! “They” are so out to prove that summer is over. I close my eyes and say a quick prayer of gratitude as the kids wake up smiling. No need for all of us to be crying at these moments. I get through the week. Friday mercifully finally comes. And in the night as I close my eyes there it is. The salty, sweaty, dusty tang of summer. I see the smiles and feel the water glide over my bronzed skin, pull back only to pour over me again. I hear the giggles and the laughter and the music always humming underneath silhouetting the long lazy days. Right there, all there. Those precious moments. I was in it. Feeling it, delving deep in it staring it down. For I knew if I blinked I would be here and not there. So I tried really hard to only be there.

Happy last days of summer


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