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Dream Bigger Darling!

When I was young I used to dream about adultness about the life I was gonna lead and the things I was gonna do. Every dream more fantastical than the last.

But #Adulting happens and well #Reality sets in and the dreams are swept away in the storage room under the dusty bins.

Keeping the magic and mystery in your life... keeping that yearning to savor the more of who you are... wanting to know more about what you hunger for past the basics is oh so necessary.

Not just food, clothing, shelter. Good job, nice neighborhood, reliable car. 

What else... what makes you vibe higher. 

Not just about more things but more experiences.

Me renting a villa in the south of Spain, a long table filled with friends old and new. fragrant flowers candlelight... freshly baked bread dipped in olive oil infused with rosemary, robust spicy wine ... music lilting in our ears... sun setting over rolling hills love whispering in my ear “come away with me”...

Now you pick something make it vivid and dream a little dream on it just a couple of minutes a day and watch what happens. ..

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