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My girl comes home from school hair flying, her face telling the tale of the day. Class, recess, lunch, snack. Her brother close on her heels bearing the same trademarks plus hands that look like they have played the day away in mud. I hug and kiss them both as I smooth them down and order them to the bathroom stat. “How was your day”? I sing after them as I hang up their jackets. “Great” they reply in unison. “What happened to your hair?” I say to my girl “Recess” she replies with a smirk! “What happened to your shirt”? I ask the boy. “Snack” he counters laughing! HA!! I love how quick they are! I smile to myself, as I shake out their clothes and hear the texture of their day. My heart reaches out to grab this freedom this free- ness that I see as I watch my children give all of themselves to their lives. How they live in the moment and press all of the juice out of it. And how it then dribbles down their chin and catches on their shirt.

Yes indeed that’s a day well done.

This feeling follows me as I push my legs up the hill once more. I feel buoyed by the effort. It’s ok that the hill is hard today. Because I want to feel it in my thighs. I want them to bear witness to my not quitting. I want the tightness in my hamstrings to remind me how diligent I was today. I was here doing something with this time I was given.

I jump in feet first to my day. Straining with the effort. Perspiration getting me all messed up with the effort that it takes to complete each task. I’m in well over my head. I lift up take in a breath then dive back in. This destiny work is taking everything. I’m giving the mundane life a break. The I know what to do and how to do it has gone on vacation. I’m letting the grooves in the road cover over. I’m out here in unknown territory. But today that’s all right I close my eyes and press a little more.

I’m raising a glass to sweat today. You know the kind that comes from exertion from effort. The push and the pull that it takes to get the job down

I’m giving a head nod to “Beast Mode” because that’s gear number 6.9 we all know that sometimes 5 just won’t due.

I’m giving a what’s up to “The Rumble” because sometimes you’ve got to let life know that you are not to be played with.

I’m giving a fist bump to “Staying On Purpose” distractions are for kids. Well oiled bums and all. I’ve got a job to do.

Above all I want to sweat, glisten and glow with the mark of being all in. All in my life. Mommy life, Wifey life, Me life, Destiny life…

I’m showing up.

Sweaty and all…


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