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I Regret to Inform You!


Not Biden or Harris and certainly not the outgoing Guy not the Senate or the Congress or the House.

not red or blue states flipped or not.

not a mask or standing over there while I stand over here.

not even Stacey Abrams who is wearing a metallic blue and gold superhero cape in my mind.

No not even her.

Now don't get me wrong... all of these things are thank God on high hopeful helpful...

They can hopefully help slow a pandemic. They can hopefully help raise our spirits that a better day is coming. They can help give focus and order to our Union. They can hopefully keep aid coming to those who need it. They will hopefully help get our democracy back on the table of "yes it can work". They can hopefully slow down the WTF happened today" endless news cycles.

Yes hopefully it will help do that.

But the bigger theme the one that got us into this mess.

The "We the People" Mess.

I regret to inform you no one is coming to save us from that.

The Hot Sticky Stinky MESS that WE are!

And if you are thinking... Gurll who you talkin bout? Me? Chile please....I'm not a mess.

Then I'm most definitely speaking to you...and before you bury yourself back into your IG feed to escape, envy and self loathe...bear with me another moment.

Take one moment to just think about yourself right now.

Seriously think about how you are feeling. How well you are understanding your own life your own feelings your own relationships your own motivations. How are you doing with your anxiety? How large and ravenous is your scarcity monster. How well are you doing with dealing with your fear. Fear of losing your job, your position, your home, your way of life. What about feeling Enough. Pretty enough successful enough, wealthy enough. How well are you doing filling that bottomless pit?

How well can you rationally discuss and articulate what you believe? Your politics your ethics your religion or lack thereof.

How well do you communicate with your own family.

How great are you at not "othering" people with differing beliefs, views and ways of life.

Are you name calling and trash throwing...on your way home from church?

Ready to rip into those "other" people?

If we are honest about our own personal dumpster fire capabilities then

that red and blue map of misunderstanding and misinformation is a little bit more understandable don't you think?

It's only when we understand that WE are America.

We are the cities. We are the counties we are our school systems.  We are big Pharma and the Gun laws.  We are food scarcity and empty toilet paper shelves.  We are global warming. We are the Church, the Mosque and the Temple.  We are the riot, the looters and the peaceful march. We are Planned Parenthood and Amy Comer.   

Until we can really look at ourselves ...and take on our own mess of unhappiness confusion and fear.  

Until we do a deep dive on all our wounds and our aches and pains. 

Our Daddy issues and Momma issues. Our trauma and our phobias.

And CLAW our way to HEALING....calling on every therapist, psychologist, minister, coach, trainer, psychic, card reader, shaman, medicine woman, light healer, reiki specialist, regression, transcendental, pull light out of your ass and make you shit rainbow practitioner you can find.

Until you find your whole, healthy, happy self.

And then take this new found inner unicorn of freedom and happiness to the streets.

Wanting for others what you want for yourself.

Among other things...Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Until we can do that...


We will just be that sad sad election map.

Full of fear and self loathing and scarcity and lack and seemingly woke and seemingly sleep, seemingly conservative and seemingly liberal, seemingly racist, and seemingly ignorant and seemingly homophobic with all the dark corners in between

Until we wake up and take our lives in our own two capable hands

and insist with every shred of our being for us to LOOK  go within BE with our thoughts and feelings DO whatever it takes to HEAL and then LIVE our true destiny in this world.

Until we do that

We will not be free.

And I am so sad to inform you again ma'am...sir







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