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It's A Vibe


ts a Mood //It’s a Vibe //

Every time I read those phrases it sounds like something for the cool kids.

But getting dressed up is a vibe it’s a mood or better yet a mood shifter. You stand a little taller. Your back a little straighter your heart a wee bit more open to the possibilities of goodness.

Dressing up shouts effort and time spent on looking after yourself.

Rubbing oils and creams applying powders shimming into clothes dabbing on smell goods stepping into shiny shoes.

I’ve always been someone who expressed myself through clothes, even as a child I wanted the flower in my hair and a wand in my hand.

Now even more then ever after having kids being a wife and maturing as a woman I find myself leaning in that much more.

I don’t want to lose this particular sense of myself.

When I dress up I feel vibrant sparkly like warm sunshine like a crisp rose’ like starry nights and freshly baked bread with olive oil and sea salt.

And that warm yummy feeling I get in my belly as I look upon myself with pleasure makes all the effort oh so worth it.



Bae @alimiballard you make me feel beautiful

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