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Late to the party...

Scrolling scrolling...feeling yucky and compare despair.

Has it ever felt like that to you when you're on SM? Looking at feed after feed of happy successful looking lives. Yes, I said "successful looking" lives. We all know the edit, filter angle is everything, but yet and still you are left feeling soo drained and dizzy that you could roll into the next avail ditch and just lie there in the muck and the yuck after a scrolling session?


Well I'm raising both hands and when that happens to me... when I can't (love) someone's glossy post without a smirk and a #sideeye then I know It's time for me to take a break. To take a whoosah moment for myself to regroup and regain my center.

So I did! And it was w o n d e r f u l.

I read I wrote I contemplated I ate I stretched and yes I thought and spent time on my first loves. (acting, writing storytelling) and in some cases figuring out ... (yes even at this stage) what the heck that is. What do I love? What do I want to do with my time, my money, my hands, my heart for this precious blip of a moment I have here on this planet? Besides of course love my Man, raise my babies and be a light warrior in my community!

For those who are new to my blog let me introduce myself.

I'm Dahn a Georgia Peach and lover of all things yummy. I'm a word spinner and a gooey love indulger (in all its forms). I'm a proud multi hyphenated Actor, Writer and yes Relationship Coach not to mention Wifey, Mother, who loves a good emotional unwind over a platter of delights that start with the words vine ripened and end in backyard. I'm in a phase of my time here on the planet that calls for big sweeping, arching movement. That presses me to let go with a shrug of the shoulders with shouldn't and can't and step over them in 3 inch heels and a thong on my way to watch me. I'm #Rewilding Tribe. Leaning in toppling over fear, doubt and worry and into courage and strength and giving my big dreams a tango lesson they will never forget.

Are you in?

Let's dust off, rework, reinvent, pull out of the fire and pull out from under the bed kicking and screaming if need be who we really are. Let's re-discover what we are truly here to do//along side the obvious... being a Sh!t kickin #Equality #Kindness #Justice #Environmental Ninja Warrior.

For all of us who've been working in the dark reinventing ourselves or still just finding our way. For those who feel that they are late to the life party and all the cool kids have eaten all the apps and drunk all the good champagne this blog

is for you. After all everyone knows they save the best for last and besides we brought our own damn champagne!



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