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Let's Make Lemonade Baby!

I was sitting in the room with my kiddos today chatting and it was 12:30 pm and we had already gone for a family-run done some homework and had some breakfast. I had slept in all the way to 8 am (WT )and I thought to myself this ish is awesome! I didn't have a zillion places to run to. Places I'm always trying not to be late too. Let's not include the idea to run to the grocery store and play "let's see what's on the shelves today game" I mean I got toilet paper, I got avocados, I got a can of this and a can of that. We're gonna be fine.

Full disclosure I got more in my fridge right now then I've had for like EVA.... like Fo- ever ever! Like really I have n e v e r had this much food in my fridge before.

This moment we are having is the perfect time to "REFRAME" the narrative Safety and social distancing is a priority fear-mongering and panicking is optional.

We can decide that we are not in quarantine we are in "Quality"!

Like quality time ...quality sleep...quality stay yo butt at home time. Quality I get to finally have that convo with my mate. Quality let's look at this job that I rip and run for is it my dream job or how can I make it work better for me. Quality what is really going on with my kiddo's not just are they doing good in school but like who are they growing up to be? Quality how am I feeling in my soul and by the way what is going on with my skin.

We can wine away I mean whine away our time if we want. We can decide to live in overwhelm for the whole ride. Or we can take this pause for the cause. And breathe in deep. For no matter, if it is 2 weeks or 2 months or more. Like every shaky crazy moment before it, this too shall pass... and before we know it we will be back to the day in and day out deep groove we left in the road from before.


We can make lemonade right now.

We can connect and reconnect, figure out, think deeply and lay our busyness down for a moment.

And yes I know so many of us are scrambling. Paycheck to paycheck is real. I know...I looked at our statements and there were finite dates on it. But what I know for sure as I listened to my kids tell me things I hadn't heard before and as I held hands with my Guy as we walked the dog together, and as I viewed satellite photos of china's decreased air pollution.

I just couldn't help but think...


What about you?



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