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Me and #MyBoys

#MyBoys Mothering is such a wonderful juggling act. Taking everyone’s needs into account. It’s been such an interesting time as our family adjusts to another boy in the family. In effect, I’m now the only girl... Such a strange concept sometimes.  It’s been so cool with both kids being in different schools and having different pickup times. I get one on one time most days to check-in and see how’s it’s going. I’m always impressed with just how precious a moment this is in our lives as we all continue to grow and make room for each other and our feelings. The youngest has had to adjust to having an older brother and not being the only son in the house. What an amazement he is handling each step with grace and acceptance. The other day he was really emotional as he thought about how it would be for Zion to date. What’s gonna happen will it be hard. I told him. Teen dating is pretty much a

mosh pit anyway. Falling in and out of like with others that may or may not like them. Broken hearts and tears come with the territory. So we shall see. Main thing is that we won’t be afraid. Fear breeds so much anxiety and I’m just not interested in that. So we will be open and brave and cross each bridge as it comes. He seemed greatly relieved at this idea... his next question was “what’s for dinner” #Whew another bridge crossed #Parenting #RaisingKids #TeenYears #TransYouth #lifecoaching #RelationshipCoach

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