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I have been watching you for some time now. I can’t get you off my mind. I have been given permission by your husband to have you for myself for the weekend. I have taken the liberty to make arrangements for the children and yes I spoke to your boss he said a half day for a “Family Situation” is totally fine. After all it is Friday. There is a scent on your desk I would like for you to wear it this weekend please bring it with you. A car is waiting for you downstairs. Yours will be picked up later. Seth will bring you to me.

When you arrive at the destination introduce yourself to the front desk they will have a note for you. I await your arrival.

We watch as a flushed Mrs. G quickly shuts down her computer and gathers her belongings says her goodbyes and hustles out of the office.

As promised there is a car waiting we watch as all details are followed to the letter.

Mrs G arrives at the hotel by the sea. She does as instructed and introduces herself at the front desk. They smile and hand her a note and a key to the room.

She enters the room expecting to see Mr. G. It is a beautiful room another gorgeous orchid awaits her arrival with a note.

Alert with anticipation she sits and reads the note.

“Shower and sleep I will see you soon”

D I have a meeting that must be attended to I won’t be long. I have arranged for lunch to be sent to your room or you can choose to go downstairs they have a table for you. In the closet you will find more clothes and things to read. I will see you at 1pm


We watch as D opens the closet to find clothes a selection of magazines and books. She decides to eat lunch downstairs. They usher her to her table.

A note arrives at her table.

“I knew I would like that color on you. They have some excellent wine choices”

She looks around but sees no one. Her lunch arrives she eats. It is delicious. She drinks two glasses it feels like liquid gold. The book is heaven.

Another note arrives.

I’m done. Please go to the room. put on what I left and wait on the chair. A

Flushed not used to this she quickly gets up. Enters the room to music playing and that scent in the air. She finds a pair of underwear and a blindfold and a chair in the middle of the room. Flustered she does as she is told.

She waits.

She hears the door open.

She waits.

He moves about the room. She feels him and smells him….he is undressing.

He kisses her shoulder.

She shivers….

Saying not a word he puts her in his shirt she can feel the cool material and the smell of him. He picks her up and lays her in the bed.

He showers…

And then…

Massages, wine, flowers, laughter, attention, no cell phones, movies, conversation, sweetness, adventure, touch, passion.

Happy weekend!

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