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Soo for starters this is not gonna be long Star… that’s my sister. She told me yesterday that she skims my posts…yep skims. My Auntie corrects my spelling and grammar in emails to me (I’m not good at either). And my sister skimms. Cuz she says my posts are too long. Sigh! I’m a Taurus she’s a Capricorn. I’m long winded I love words and can’t spell great… what can I say. But today this one is for her.

What’s the point what’s the POINT!!!

First the Question. I’ve been asked, in- boxed emailed, twitt-ed and DM’d with questions about my workouts, my food my life how do I manage how do I stay motivated. Most common thought on all of it is “You must like it.” The working out the eating right the raising the kids, the being in love. With all of it’s work. You must “like” the getting up early and the cleaning and the laundry and the compromise and the groceries and the making dinner and the CLEANING. And the understanding and the long days and the whining and the crying and the working out. The writing and the auditioning and the producing and the Rejection after all the writing and auditioning and producing.

You do it so you must Like it…or even better “It Comes EASY to you.”

The honest answer is most days I don’t know if I like it or not. Truly Honest to God I don’t know and I really don’t give a twit. Because what I know I hate…is messy, ugly, disorder, angry, lonely, plastic, bad food, bad health, jiggly everything, flabby, no purpose, no order, no beauty, no love, kids everywhere with no discipline… hot mess of everything!

Fear has gotten a bad rap. It’s primal and it keeps us out of danger. In this case the danger of living a life that is upsetting upon further inspection. As in later you find you’ve wasted an awful lot of time not being the person you wanted to be. Someone you were proud of being. Success is subjective but being and doing your personal best is always in your own hands.

So in case the allure and motivation, of having a great body, a passionate life, fulfilling career, surrounded by love and beauty, doesn’t pull you in. When all the self- help books and loving posts and posters filled with wonderful affirmations find you still sitting on your tushie in a job you hate…feeling flabby and unloved.

Until then…

Be afraid be VERY Frickin AFRAID!!!!!…. And get your ass up, put yo kids on a schedule, go out with your husband, clean yo house, work out yo body, recycle, compromise, understand, make a list of your goals, spiff up your resume, make a phone call, write an email, make a vision board, start a blog, volunteer, be a friend, be kind, help out, eat awesome food that’s good for you and move your BODY NOW OR ELSE!!!!

and maybe later on…

you might even




love it…


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