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Black is indeed King.

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Babe no, no light..I whisper to him as I click off the "cloud shaped night light" in our sons room for the upteenth time. Our forms cast cartoon shadows on the wall as we creep out of the room and quietly close the door. We have been having a silent war of { light light }in the kids room for weeks. He clicking it on afraid the children will be terrified in the dark and not wanting to be complicit in their childhood nightmares. I clicking it off again armed with new information new insight. I now know better.

I rep for the dark.

I collapse onto the sofa where we have set up operation "baby sleep through the night" headquarters. I've got everything, tea, a book, a bottle, emergency wine. I'm beyond exhausted like that is not even a real enough word for the feeling I have in my body right now. But I am also tripped out high on information and determination. We huddle up and heatedly discuss the temperature in the house and debate whether it is indeed too warm or too cold for the aforementioned, swaddled, fed and changed baby to sleep through the freakin night! Please oh please lord let him sleep through the night. I am a weak opponent in the temperature arena. I don't put up a fight. I have the light expertise. He can have the temp. The dark I know. The dark is where rem deep sleep awaits. The dark is our savior and I it's willing prophet.

You see I have become a "dark convert" and like any new convert I want to preach to anyone who will listen the fact that...

Black is king.

I have not always loved the dark. In fact in our colorized world dark is so demonized. It is used to describe physical and emotional destituteness. We think of lost and scared when we think of dark. We think of freedomless endless toil in others fields. We think of the boogey man, lightless alley ways, closets un-opened and class and station. We think of the un-precious and the throw away.

But I can now see in the night. I have new dark vision and my dark thoughts think only of love, growth rest, expansion. I think of genius aha moments, little black dresses and tuxedo nights, theatre magic and film escapades. I think sleek shiny cars, adventure and endless roads ahead. I think the mystical the magical and divine.

Black is King.

I am like the stars consistently singing the praises of the that they can twinkle their existence.

In love of this newfound world of the dark I have become a bit obsessed. I have found that the dark brings new light to familiar bodies. A fresh playground that the sense of sight does not afford. I am in a different kind of fantasy as he slips the mask over my eyes and we listen to one another breathe. Deprived of sight we see one another brand new. No light to speak of the years of knowing this others body and betraying the nowness of this sensual moment. As we reach for one another not knowing what we will find...a hand a thigh a back. Hot salty fresh kisses trail down my back in the ...dark.

9 whole months we are gestated in the dark, growing our limbs our bones our minds our skin our human ness. There are creatures in the deep deep sea so ancient and spectacular some we have never even seen that thrive in this darkness. In fact like humans most creatures require the dark to gestate their young and some who are nocturnal to survive. In fact once when hiking in the forests of the redwoods in northern california we came across a sign that spoke to this environmental concern. They explained all of the harm that the fluorescent lights of the city did to nature. All the street lights, and headlights, and porch lights, and screen lights and phone lights. Lights that blocked the night sky. Light that threatened the life of animals that need the dark to eat to scavenge to hunt and survive. Even us humans need our dark spaces away from light. Small spaces to rest, to think new thoughts to dream big dreams to heal and convalesce far away from the pressures and the glare of all of the lights, all of the lights. A place to become more of our true selves in the quiet dark.

My tongue licks then I bite, sinking my teeth into a bar of very expensive dark chocolate. The packaging tells me of fair trade and origins... I wonder at most of it coming from the continent of dark people my people. 70% in fact of the world's chocolate comes from the continent of Africa. I find this fascinating. The place where it all began. I see my dark skin anew my wonder-filled beautiful magical dark skin.

The darker the berry the sweeter the juice. I want more tales spun like this...marrying darkness with sweetness, with goodness, with richness, and vastness and growth-ness and beauty.

It's a whole mood board...








Dark thing.



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