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Sharing is caring. Please share. Click the Like button. Share the Love. Forward to 5 women…men…cows…dogs. Raise your hands in the air and wave em like you just don’t care. And Afterwards PLEASE make sure that you SHARE on Instagram, Twitter,FB, Snapchat and Tell ALL YOUR “FRIENDS”! UGH!

After I SHARED last week I started to obsess over why we share. Why did I share???!! I mean does it mean I’m a crazy attention hound? I do like the LIKES as much as anyone. It comes with the Actor /Writer /Self Entrepreneur… Employee handbook. I want to matter I want to be seen. The exhibitionist Kardashian in me gave me the side eye.

Oh NO WHY did I share?!!

After I shared I felt like I was floating on air. I shoved my shiny purple binder under the couch and I danced naked in the living room. After I shared I played with the kiddies and got frisky with the hubby. After I shared I ran up #DatHill with the theme of Wonder Woman trailing a close second. I guzzled my green drink and set upon my day like …like a girl who was damn sure in Formation. I had shared and I felt lighter in the telling and it felt silky smooth on my skin.

Until I realized that everyone was getting the news. The news that I had held so lightly in my front pocket for months. They were getting it spoken by a friend or related in a text or blown in on a breeze and then I realized. Oh Frick I SHARED! I realized that some actually read the post while many others just got the abridged version.

OH -Sh*%t – Dahn- CANCER!!!

We all know that once the words leave your lips and spill out onto the canvas of life the narrative changes. The painter and song maker and sculptor must stand back once the paint is dried and the notes are played and allow for space. Space for individual interpretation free and clear. It has been wheeled out into the town square, and there is no more fussing over the edges anymore. There are others to do that for you now. Your part is done. All you can do is stand back and fret or go take a nap.

I shared and I felt like I had taken the little purple pill in the Matrix the one in the left hand Neo that one. And I went on a trip with each person who responded to my Share. It was a cyclone of emotions. I was swirled dipped and dived and covered up in the love, and well wishes and sorrow and sadness and fear and hope and disbelief and the gravity of shared experience. And the next day I was oh so very HEAVY with it all. In a days time I had been added to secret societies that I didn’t even know existed, I was put on mailing lists and prayer lists and chanting lists! Well I sighed and peered under the couch and pulled out my purple binder and slipped back on my top and I sat and I was sad, as I remembered that I had a “touch of cancer.”

Oh right that…Sigh!

But then the magical happened.

I felt the tug of …the pull… the tap on the shoulder and the whisper in my ear of the divine.

Why do we share? Why did I share?

You shared to …

Help Yourself

Help Others

Create Community

It is my very own healing process that drew me to the silent white screen to write my words and pour out my soul and lay it bare.

Which is then picked up by others the raw energy of theses words. Many nod yes, or oh no, or sit silent in the idea of this shared journey.

It then spreads and becomes a deep, wide invitation to be APART and Not Separate in your journey.

I have come to realize that I have been hungry to the point of malnutrition for sharing real sharing. Real kindness a touch a word of love. I have felt outside and ostracized too long and it has made my cells oh so sad.

With this new understanding imprinted in my heart I melted into each Hug given. Oh it felt so wonderful to be hugged.

I smiled in my skin with each kind word. So many long lost friend souls came to be apart of me and my journey again and I smiled and welcomed them back.

This COMMUNITY of a shared life.

I now sit, my purple binder on the table, my community rolling before me at my feet filled with such Love.

If you see me give me a hug. If I cross your mind drop me a note or send me a silent caress of a prayer and yes SHARE I believe it will do your body as good as it does mine.

It’s called Community, and by reading this you just became A -Part of it!


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