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That Everyday Magic! #GetIt

We asked the kids on Saturday at the #blackpanther screening we hosted what their #SuperPower was.

They had so many awesome answers but one of the ones I loved the most was a little girl who said she’s a great friend she can turn an ordinary day into something fun! I’m so down with that.

Sometimes we watch others lives and it all looks so fun and oh so fancy but finding the fun in the everyday is truly an amazing gift! Playing eye spy while grocery shopping or dance party on homework breaks... finding your partner across the room after a freakin stress bucket of a day and giving him his dinner with a note “winners get the big piece of chicken 🍗 so I gave you two” well that makes the mundane... yummy! It’s truly all about the journey find as many ways as you can to enjoy the ride! Real life #superheroes #MomLife #Love #Family #Marriage #Couplehood #Playful #AwesomeLife #Joy #thewifeyjournals

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