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The Stories For My Children

You are on a Grand Journey ...

On A Mission of great import...

You have a Magical and Rare Gift to give this earth .. But in order to succeed (and complete your mission)

You must connect to Mission Control ...(God, Source, The All) Daily.) Like plugging in your phone to charge your battery.

This is what this Life Suit needs in order to stay focused healthy and strong.

The road will sometimes be difficult, lonely, heartbreaking ... but just keep moving FOREWORD ...

You will meet comrades along the way. You will recognize them by their light.

Other times you will feel like you are the only one and you will be afraid and you will feel lost ...


never give up ... never lose hope 

Keep connecting to source ...

And you will be okay as long as you remember ... That you are on a Grand Journey ... on a Mission of Great Import...

This is the Vision that I whisper into my children’s ears daily.

This is how I protect them, prepare them and seed their souls! 

#TheBallards @alimiballard

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