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One of the coolest things about being married is living with your Bestie!

I’m a talker by nature and #LawdAMercy and I’m so lucky he likes to hear me talk. 

Most times we talk about what we see what we hear, about the kids our jobs our family, who’s turn it is to vacuum … you know the usual!  Yay for me cuz I married a guy who loves conversation and so it’s so easy for him to just jump right in.  We have our own rhythm and banter and laughing is always high on the list. 

It’s been interesting because lately at least for the last 3 months most of our conversation has been about what we’ve learned.

You see we’ve both been on the reinvention train.  Work, mind, body, family, finances.

What we’ve known already and our routines and habits have gotten us this far and kudos for that … But we have a vision for where we see ourselves going… and well that is gonna take a whole new set of skills.  Skills that we are up to the challenge to learn. 

This new adventure has also been great for dinner time conversations as well.  We can all talk about what we’ve learned that day. The kids want updates from us just like we want updates from them. 

But once you are an adult where is your classroom you might ask.  So glad you asked because It’s so amazing to live in such a virtual world of just that.  A whole lot of people wanting to share and show what they know.  Yipee for all of us!!

From workouts to meditation, and healthy eating tips it’s all there for the inhaling.  For me, my reinvention “classroom” is every day on my walks with my pup Vanilla Bean she sniffs and I sift… Sifting out new truths as I listen to podcasts.

I’m listening to how I can do this thing called life a wee bit better

with more ease and grace

more calmly

more centered

more yummy 

Recently I’ve learned new meal prep tips, how to better use social media, what things I can do in my home to be more “Green” what night time routines will garner me the most sleep.  The hubby has been all about… working out more efficiently, new music to download, top Dad things to do with Girls:) and how to make a mean pasta dish that’s not just box mac-n-cheese!! Whoohoo!!

Both of us have been cross-referencing regarding new work habits to adopt.  The teamwork is truly making our dream work!

Bigger than that it fuels our continued friendship with so many “Benefits” and that rocks the hardest!


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