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Yummy #HairJourney

Long long time ago 3 years to be exact I decided to make a change! A hair change.

I had been wearing a weave for about 6 years and even though it was a really really good one I realized it just wasn't for me anymore.

And before I go further let me go on the record as saying ...I love "hair art" in all of it's forms. Weaves, wigs, clip-ins, micro-links, hair pieces. All of it is fun and creates so much versatility. I'm all for it!

BUUUUTTT in that moment for me I was ready for a change.

This "protective style" was just not giving me everything I wanted. I wanted to take "the good china" out of the china cabinet and put it on the table and use it ona Tuesday:)

All of that to say...I wanted to Use MY OWN Hair!

I mean what is all of this (protective styling) protecting it for?

It's like a car that you keep in the garage. Shining and buffing it but never driving it. Well I wanted to take my own hair out for a spin and enjoy it.

So I took it out. We did a big chop. Whew. Into a cute bob and I was let loose into the world to figure it all out.

Right now it has grown to almost bra strap. It's filled in and gotten fuller. I have edges growing in where they were truly sparse and all of it feels good.

I went from my hair

~not wanting to grow past my chin.

~thinning like crazy.

~sparse edges and having really really thin patches throughout.

Till today YAYYYY!

I attribute the growth to a lot of things ...and before you say it yes I tried the no heat at all route for awhile but Lord knows I was in my hair like day and night trying to get it to look cute. My hair was suffering from all of the manipulation and so was I .

So now... I have a routine I can live with!

I only put heat on it once every month or month and a half when I go get it done.

In fact I don't even know where my flat iron is at home

I drink 2-3 glasses of water with lime plus "Redmonds real salt"

a day... yep I know it sounds crazy right! Drinking salt water. But I do daily. But remember it's this brand of salt. I'm sure other salt's are great but this one is what I've been shown to use and it works. It's all natural and not stripped of all of it's mineral content goodness. Come to find out your hair needs all of these #traceminerals along with your entire body. Yay for you!

I wrap my hair or do PIN CURLS every night and I try to use very little manipulation in between shampoos.

A week before I go to get it done I start in with the oils and scalp massage every night for 10 minutes I use @canvasbeautybrand their Argon oil and hair blossom serum and both have been on point.

~Hydration and eating healthy nourishing food.

And last but so not least kind gentle words and a positive attitude!

I was telling my girl lalisa who has taken care of my tresses for years how thankful I am for her. She never made me feel panicky about my hair and whatever issue it was having she would handle it with love never over processing it with heat and she was always encouraging me and giving me tips!

I'm so thankful.

Now believe me Hair is so not everything!!

But taking care of yourself from the top of your head to your toes is something that shows your very cells that you love and care for yourself.

And seeing that you only have one body for this lifetime... the care you take makes all the difference.

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