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10 things to do when sh!ts falling apart"- Life and Style Coach Dahn Ballard shares 8 Simple steps to bring balance to you, your relationship and your home when's life's challenges are threatening to overwhelm you.  We've all had moments in our lives where honestly sh!ts falling apart and the world is pressing in. Whether it's work or career stress, kids, health or money crisis these moments are the ones that break even the most solid of relationships. The Wifey Journal is all about actionable steps you can take right now to restore your sense of well being even in the midst of challenging times. 

copy of HARDCOVER "The Wifey Journals" Can Be Autographed

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  • The Wifey Journals is part memoir, part journal.  We hope that you enjoy the pictures and antidotes and most of all the words of encouragement and wisdom.  Each book is meant to be written in so that you can truly make it your own!

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