when was the last time you wanted to use your significant other as your screen saver?

"It's been about the kids for so long...

I've lost my connection with my Partner....oh and MYSELF!!

"I love 'em...

but (In Love)

that's for newlyweds right?" 

I'm feeling like space has sprung up between me & my kid...but that's normal right?

Relationship Coaching what?

 Yummy Relationship Coaching

is for you if  YOU are ready...


- To stop just tolerating   a ho-hum relationship with your significant other.


- If feeling connected to your kids is a priority especially as they grow older.

-If you are ready to balance kids and spouse once and for all.

- If you are ready to get back to YOU the 

The Yummiest Relationship of them all!

Dahn's Relationship coaching was insightful and spot on. - Tracy

Dahn Elle Dior 
The Red Dot Experiment

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