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An Anchor During the Storm...

This melted my heart this morning. Capturing my son in his morning routine. He was listening to his daily affirmations and repeating them. "I am courageous, I am capable, I am enough, I am safe..."

It also basically sums up my take on how to handle the state of things in our world today. Coronavirus or stock markets crashing we have to decide to command a state of peace within ourselves or be carried away with the upheaval. We teach our kiddos that “Good in produces Good out”. The hubby @alimiballard started he and I on a routine of listening to morning motivation instead of music as we work out over a year ago. He called it #WarriorProtocol and it’s literally saved me. Chiseling my mind and will as I chiseled my arms... a mental stamina to tackle this very challenging world. I’ve made sure that the kids know that a clear focused mind doesn’t just happen it’s cultivated. So no news no tv in the am.  My desire is to get them ready for adulthood for when we aren’t there everyday cheering them and guiding them and life is kicking their butts. Their rituals and routines will be there to catch them. The rhythms of their childhood to guide them. “Good in Good out” We set our minds on calm on focus on excellence. So do what you have to in order to stay clear calm and healthy. Make sure you take time in the midst of chaos to cultivate calm & stillness. Stay #HeavilyMeditated sending out health balance and big hugs Tribe! #Calm #Clear #Focus #Routines #Rituals #MentalHealth #Coronavirus #lifecoaching

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