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Date Night...

Over time… it’s all the little things that matter. The way your days are stacked and how that makes you feel. Through the good times and the bad are your days steeped predominantly in peace in laughter and kindnesses. Kindness hmmm what an 8 letter word. Not used as often in long term relationships. The pull of a chair…the open of a door… the stop off to get your favorite ice cream before coming home without being asked. That’s the small kindnesses. That’s how you stack the yummy love in your favor. The world will do the very most //wars racism bills inflation crime injustices mean people//to pull your attention and your mood to the heavy the worry the yuck. So as much as you can use every tool // prayer meditation exercise therapy dancing gelato// to rise up so that you can pull the chair and buy the ice cream and lean into all the small sweet yummy deeds … Because they do stack up and after all this is your one wild and beautiful life. So get to living it! xx Dahn #Love

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