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Yeah I know you’ve been up since 4am and are already in line number 5 but…this has been on my mind. Burning my brain for weeks. This is gonna be short and sweet! What businesses do you wanna grow? Today is Black Friday. So named because it is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Time to go out and SPEND those hard earned dollars ( ok maybe your dollars were easy and painless to earn and maybe you have a tree that sprouts money) Yay for you!! Black Friday is a Day that Businesses want to get out of the RED (no profit) and get into the Black (making profit) Finally “Black” IS IN! Hurrah!

This Holiday Season I challenge all of us…all 10 people who read my Blog (Thanks) to Use your dollars (yen, pounds, lira) to support the businesses that support the kind of world you wanna live in.


Take a moment and think…”What kind of World do I Wanna Live In?” Does Ethical treatment of All People matter in your world (no matter their Race, Religion or Sexual Orientation?) Maybe yeah maybe Nah (due to recent events) I gotta ask. Does the Earth matter? You know the water, soil, animals, forests that kinda thing. Does the treatment of Women and Minorities Matter? Should their be a fair wage paid to the workers in your world? Should they have health care…just checking.

Just asking cuz their are a LOT of

Small businesses, Women owned businesses, Mom and Pop businesses, Minority owned businesses, Ethically sourced, organic, earth conscious businesses, Local famers, made by hand out of peoples homes businesses. Even big businesses that treat their workers fairly and pay them and source ethically, (sorry their are only a couple of them but yes there are some)

And well they would sure love to GROW and be in “The Black” this Holiday Season, funded by your money tree.

ONE MORE TIME…for the people in the back.

Grow the Business that Grow the World that you want our Children to Grow up in!

End of rant.


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