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So my heart has been heavy for weeks for days for months. Everytime I turn on anything electronic it seems to glow and pulsate with YUCK!! So many Ugly, Mean, Yuck things happening in the world and along with it another unarmed Black Man killed !!! WTH!!

I’ve been pretty speachless with how and what to say, so I’ve said nothing.

I meditated.

I prayed.

I waited.

Maya… Mandela at times like these oh how I miss them. Their wisdom their way of seeing the world through the lens of understanding and love even through the chaos.

What I know for sure.

This must STOP!

But How?

I’ve decided the only thing I can do is start with me. For me, what I feel is a burning desire in my own life and out of my mind and typed into my computer and spoken out of my mouth is to change this narrative. This fear mongering, wall building, bomb making, gun shooting, virus of hate and fear.

Fear is the opposite of Love.

It might sound simple minded but at times like these I turn to magical life saving LOVE.

So I have sat and filled myself up with it daily and let it spill out through every pore.

I am a Wife to …a Sister to… a Mommy to… a Auntie to …a Friend to …many Black Men.

They must not be hunted, followed, accidentally on purpose shot, choked, beaten, killed in our streets.

Over a traffic light stop, broken tail light, mistaken identity, mental illness, book fall off lap, reach for ID, raised hands, slowly raised hands, hood on young head anymore.

Like everyone they are not perfect but they are loved by many.

They are #Magic


on this #ThankfulThursday I am so thankful to know and love so many of these Magical Creatures.

May this love spill out all over every single thing. May it be catching. May it be contagious and may it grow and morph and gain speed and turn the tidal wave of fear to magical love.

Simply that is my prayer.


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