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Body Love Baby!

I’ve been tipping lightly on that dreaded mother daughter conversation about body ... not just the sex one but the BODY ONE... how do you feel in your body suit. 💪

Right now my baby girls breasts are larger than mine and she’s headed to being taller than me in 2 more minutes. 👧She closes doors and wraps her arms protectively around herself if I happen to walk into her room and she’s changing... I get it she’s modest. Unlike her nudist colony Mama.

Dotted into conversation I hear she’s not a fan of her breasts, thighs and stomach

My head started to hurt along with my tummy Nooooo! 🙈

I have always used positive body talk about my body and hers but #selflove is what I’m after for her. 💪

So I started giving her tools... #1

first of all our bodies are the vehicles 🚗 that house our souls. Literally we are souls on wheels. 🤣(she laughed too #score)

You don’t get another one so treat it with love care & respect and like any prized set of wheels don’t let anyone else drive it unless they are gonna treat it like their own. 😳

It’s yours pimp yo ride! Work on the body wax it buff it give it the best life you can muster.

You have complete control over how and what you feed it... how you exercise it and rest it. Custom that baby out... THEN STRUT


AND GUESS WHAT ... She’s been getting up unprompted to work out.

Paying attention to what she eats. Getting into bed on time and getting her hygiene on (Thank the Lord)🙊

Yesterday she put on some pants that hadn’t fit her for a year and proudly showed me her emerging physique.

She’s smiling and I’m proud. 💛

Not because she’s smaller in her pants I don’t give a rats ass what size she is as long as she’s healthy...but I’m grinning because she’s taking her life into her own hands. She’s loving herself enough to make sure she feels good in her skin and for that I couldn’t be more bubbly Poppin 😃 Happy !! #MotherDaughter

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