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I want rainbows...

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

I want the sun on my face. I want a field of rolling grass and a long blue sky so long and so blue. I want pretty dresses and occasions to wear them. I want to learn a new language and maybe take-up needlepoint... yeah needlepoint... that sounds so fun and fancy. I like fancy and sparkly and beautiful things. I like endless Friday nights filled with champagne, cake and love. Love...sweet love. I don't, however, like cockroaches, maggots and the dark puss of 400 years of hatred kneeling on our tall melanin sunshine.  I don't like the easy saunter of backwards thoughts that marinate and ruminate on an idea that Ockham could explain to a two-year-old.     I am beyond bored with the dialogue... as if there is any validity to the argument of inequality. Our great thinkers will have to do...and yes there are too many to name...those who have explained ad nauseam this simplest of ideas to you. The density of minds that can't comprehend why every human on the planet in this galaxy and solar system, on this small ball of carbon... deserves the right to freedom.  Freedom of their minds, bodies and spirit and the right to follow their dreams, go for a jog or have a broken tail light, sleep in their beds without fear of violence, torture, being strung up in trees, locking their children in cages, or being knelt upon until they cannot breathe. Having to speak reason to why this should not happen in the age of AI and Alexa picking your favourite well boring me to tears. I am sick to my stomach with a pit of anger the size of Mars. And it is so inconvenient to be so very very very vexed on a weekend where I so long for champagne... and yet here we are...

xx Dahn

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