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Rest Much?

Yesterday I wanted a nap in the middle of the day. (so I took one :) In fact a lot of days I could benefit from more sleep... what about you? 

Rest Much? 

As I work with each of my clients I try to instill the idea of creating a routine that helps us to rest more. I know I know ...but what about work, kids, deadlines? Yes it will take discipline to let that last email go unread, and get the kids to bed on time. But it will be worth it!

I noticed after the hard press of the last few months that my skin wasn’t looking it’s best so I set about getting in bed 15 min earlier for the past few weeks. And well I saw my face come back Yippee!! Talk about #BeautySleep !!

Why don’t you try getting in the sack 15 minutes earlier tonight. Yes that means less nighttime internet and Instagram but that constant haze in the back of your eyes will start to lessen and that’s everything to the quality of our lives and the bags under our eyes

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Feb 03, 2020

My Dear Precious Family,

Thank you for this beautiful, sweet, honest truth expressed! This is LOVE. PURE AND LIBERATED. Living my truth at age 63 is so cool, after living a season of suicidal emotional pain.

I no longer live in that space. It has been replaced with LOVE, JOY, and PURPOSE...LIBERATED.


I'm living my best life, physical and spirit, thankful for this day and also what tomorrow might hold! I SMILE...I HUG to share my gratitude!!

FAMILY, ZION, tears and laughter, challenges of existing and contentment are LIFE. I am so very blessed that we get to share this journey together, bearing, hoping, believing and enduring all things by God's amazing grace!

With my Love &…

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