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Sexual orientation be like...

Are you ever Uncomfortable hearing about all the different categories of #Sexualorientation ?

I know I was. Wait what?

L B G T Q I A so much to learn and understand. It can be a bit overwhelming.

Bi-sexual, Non Binary,Aesexual, Transgender, Pansexual.

So many categories and yet all still just human.


#HumanBeings and how we show up in the world in our Skin suits.

Sometime the intro of something néw to our understanding creates a lot of anxiety.

That can lead to anger and dismissive behavior of other peoples and their truths.

Sometimes because we don't understand we don't like the way not understanding makes us feel.

But none of this response makes who others are and how they show up invalid.

As I talk and coach people around diversity or just getting through anything that makes us feel anxious or uncomfortable I like to include the following questions to help lead us back to grounding.

Step 1 Notice - I'm feeling a certain way about...

Step 2 Name the feeling - this makes me feel (annoyed, anxious, angry, dismissive)

Step 3 Ask- Am I safe? Many times we feel our views of the world and our "way of life" is under attack" But asking are your truly safe is a great way to stop your spiral. You as a person are safe! You are just hearing something new.

Step 4 Investigate- why does it make me feel this way?

What do I need to know more about to feel I understand this better.

Step 5 Diffuse & move - Sometimes we just need to Get over ourselves and our limited views and move forward. Other times going back through the steps is good until you reach more solid ground.

We have to know we are not going to "understand " everything.

Always remember just because you don't fully understand something does not render it invalid. I dare you to really explain how a tv 📺 works. Or the internet or #BitCoin or or ...I'll wait. 😰


Let's treat people as we want to be treated and move forward. Periodt


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1 Comment

Jun 11, 2021

I love your gift of courage and understanding to have this very important conversation which must continue to be conversations about US, in all of our diversity. Thank you for the steps of growth you offer to help me continue to learn and grow myself, as I too teach. We must BE LOVE and BE LIGHT for one another and towards each other! This Is US!

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