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Sexy Mama...Yes, You Are!

Sexy ... Sexy ... Sexy... Work ...Kids....House... laundry...Dinner...Bills ... Blah ... Blah ...Blah 👑 I was working with a client the other day and we started talking about how she see’s herself. With so much on her plate she feels buried under the weight of her life. 👑 I get it we all have moments of feeling so stretched thin that we lose sight of ourselves. 👑 I started throwing out words like fun, yummy, sexy! She laughed kind of hysterically... Nope she didn’t feel that at all.

For me Sexy & Yummy are somewhat interchangeable. What makes you feel like you shimmer and sparkle. To me that’s sexy someone who’s lit up from within. I call my practice the yummy factor because I feel that if we live our lives devoid of pleasure running on duty all day day after day we waste away missing the joy which is the best part. It’s finding the yummy in the center that gives our lives that glow!

Now If it sounds like I’m speaking Greek then sit down tonight and make a list of 3 things about yourself that used to sparkle. 💍Make sure there’s at least one item that’s physical. 👑

If you said something like “I used to be fun loving” think a bit more and be specific. “I used to go out more” Nice now you’re cooking. 👑 Now grab one item and DO something about it. Text a friend this evening and suggest lunch for next week. If you used to feel comfortable in my body, but now not so much. Then do something about it... like today! Give yourself a mask or scrub ... stretch before bed or do a walk around your block or do some jumping jacks. 👑

The main point is doing something right now in the moment, sends a signal to the brain that you mean business. 👑And we all know what happens when you start making new choices. Yep the sky’s the limit. 👑 One ☝change day after day ... if you don’t watch out you might start to shimmer and sparkle and dare I say you might even start to feel a little bit #sexy💋 ...don’t tell em I said it😁💕💕 #Sparkle #Shine #MomlifeCoach #LivingYourBestLife







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