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I was just wondering how well we are all doing on the #Sisterhood front?

We speak about it in hashtag form quit a lot on SM but if we all had a report card on how well we are really doing in our small groups of women I wonder how well we would fair?

At our jobs, schools, community! How kind, warm welcoming are we?

I have definitely had more than my fair share of friendship & female related heartache. In fact it’s been a pretty bumpy road in that regard in the last few years. I’ve often wondered what is it that creates chances for us to get it so wrong amongst one another.

The biggest issues that I’ve noticed is…

We’re good as long as we agree.. Our ability to hear the truth when it isn’t pretty is kinda slim to nah

And the likelihood of being able to tell the truth to each other and still move past the conflict seems to be even slimmer.

And that’s just counting the times we actually talk about what’s bothering us. Most times we just grow apart neither willing to venture into an area of conflict.

After my breast cancer moment a few years ago I went through a period of “feeling some kind of way” about how my community of women friends either stepped up or didn’t.

I spoke honestly to anyone who I felt warranted a conversation.

Some conversations went well others not so much.

I am fiercely in favor of healthy female interactions. I know that we are not all gonna be “Besties” that’s not the point. Rather it’s about the way we respect each other and encircle one another in the common ground we all share.

I challenge each of us to be brave enough to speak and hear truth from our women tribe. To move past our egos and dive into our insecurities and decide to not let them drive wedges to separate us. To be warm to other women even when we don’t know them.

We are all apart of a large and beautiful tribe #Womanhood

We are stronger together!

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