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Stupid A$$ Fights

It happens more when you’re tired.

Stupid A$$ Fights!

When you’re pushed and stretched when you’ve lost... when money is low and bills are high and you didn’t get the gig and yo estranged Mama comes to visit

It happens more then ... .

U get that e d g e that razor under your tongue prison yard vibe restless don’t get in my way kinda stride... Ing through the house thing

B u t W e 

circle one another but we don’t engage. We see the smoke rising and we don’t fan it we back away.

We give warning glances. “I ain’t right... right now” We are dangerous and we know it. 



We go for a run...take a shower read a book watch a movie listen to music go to the #FarmersMarket... we keep our heads down and our antennas up. 


Then it passes ... W H E W...


#Sunshine happy to see you again










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