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The Parenthood Paradox

I’ve been ruminating lately on how our motherhood-ness is inextricably intertwined with Fatherhood -ness 🌱

whether it’s a loving hubby ... an ass of an ex husband ...the jerk you had a one night stand with or an actual like real live “sperm donor” did not make the little humans running around your house destroying it ...alone.


I don’t know my biological Father. In fact I’ve never laid eyes on him even in a picture. I wouldn’t know him if I ran into him on the street, but I’ve done the inside work and well I’m good and I feel whole without him having to be in my life. 🌱

But as I raise my children I realize how even he is linked to their being here! 🌱

I’ve started to do a meditation that includes forgiving him and thanking him and sending him love 😳


I know that as I love my hubby wholly fully with abandon that I love them. 🌱

Same for my Biological Father. As I forgive their grandfather that they don’t know ... I Love them as well. 🌱

We are all connected and nowhere is it more visceral then looking into their eyes and imagining all of those who came before them.


So I challenge us all no matter our circumstances to send some love to the XY of our XX


And don’t be surprised if it makes your heart open just a little wider and make your kids shine a little brighter with this new channel of love flowing to them .... 💛💛💛💛

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