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Yep I hit Different!

Have you ever noticed everyone wants to be special

But no one wants to be different?

I'm especially different.

Definitely a bit odd.

A friend the other day said I was eccentric... wow.

What a word. So specific and unmistakably different.

It's a new year and I wanted to share a few things you probably don't know about me.

I listen to 70's music most nights Carly Simon Ambrosia Lionel Richie, The Doobie Brothers,Hall & Oats it calms me and makes me feel safe.

The first thing I notice about myself everyday is my thighs

The second thing is my chin.

One needs to be less and the other more.

I compare my age with where I think I should be in life incessantly. It's so thirteenth grade stop it already.

Parenting and being married comes freakishly easy. Like it's a language I just speak fluently. I wanna commiserate with others about them but when I do it's just me trying to sound normal.

I've never met my biological father. My Moms family was big enough that most times I didn't notice.

I visualize Oprah interviewing me daily. I don't even mean to. But her voice just shows up as I'm writing my affirmations. She's really good at them.

I love to dance but learning choreography my brain goes to blank. Yep I'm the one who messes up the tik tok dance.

I've written a crazy amount of full scripts, pilots, treatments, plays, blog posts, workshops and courses.

I'm obsessed with 3 things storytelling creating yummy Human relationships and having land.

I'm a very frustrated filmmaker.

I love flowers. I crave beauty I need nature like I need to breathe.

My kids actually know me. My wants my fears my passions my pain. It's nice being a full person to them while they are young.

I'm afraid of not leaving a mark.

Believing in myself is my life's work.

I've got two really cool workshops coming up in February On two amazing platforms #MightyNetworks and #BrightLive

Are you an Alpha Female ready to up level your femininity without losing your fierceness? Lets spark all that softness all that yummy center energy. The world needs more calm more nurture soft. Let's go on that journey 2gether. DM me to hold your place.



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