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OH, My Gawd They're Kissing!

“Ewwwwww they’re kissing ohh nooo they’re touching!” ~ Followed by head buried in hands! Huh?!! Me, “Yess they are and no you don’t have to feel all weird and look away, you can handle it. See it’s only a bare back, they are touching and it’s ok.” These are all convo’s I’ve had with my kiddos recently. ~ Before you clutch your pearls, consider the same kids not flinching a bit as they watch a man take a bullet and a knife while shooting and killing his way out of whatever predicament he’s found himself in. Bodies dropping left and right as the action marches on.... what the what no gasping now?!! 😳 Nope.

It’s hard to admit it but yes it seems we’re more comfortable with violence but a boob fogetaboutit! 🙋I don’t make any bones about the idea of sex in our house. I’m definitely#CaptainFantastic (that’s a movie) Ask a question and you get a pretty straight answer. No school yard, lunch table conversation is gonna beat me to the punch. The kids are 10 & 12yrs old and have had the sex talk and I’m open about what boundaries are and how respectful and protective they should be of their own bodies and others. The hubby thinks sometimes I go too far sometimes, but memories of pictures of std’s my Mom showed me in middle school made sure I was scared straight almost until college so hey I might be on the right path.

A couple of months ago I was confronted by my son who says he heard “sounds” from our bedroom. (Hey we thought they were sleep) I unflinchingly explained Mommy & Daddy were loving on one another. “Oh, he said." I said "Son, you got 2 ways life can go with parents and sex... those who do it and those who don’t. Trust me it’s gonna be better for everyone if you come from the former. 😁

With our kids marching firmly onward to teen hood 😭😢my deepest desire is for them to have seen a loving relationship and known that intimacy can be a beautiful comfortable place to be with someone they love and trust. I don’t want to raise kids who think nothing of a beat down but flinch at a bare butt.

Respect, Love, Sex ... Growing up healthy and strong!

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